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I am thrilled to connect with you as the founder of Dance Mastery Institute (DMI), a journey that has been fueled by my passion for helping studio owners like you reach new heights of success. I understand the challenges you face, the immense joy you derive from nurturing your students, and the desire to see your studio flourish.

As someone who has been teaching dance since 1997 and a proud studio owner since 2007, I've had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of a well-crafted curriculum and strategic studio management. My own studio, LoMastro Performing Arts Academy, has seen dancers grow into accomplished professionals, with many embarking on careers as performers, dance teachers, choreographers, and artistic directors.


DMI's curriculum, successfully used in my own studio, is a testament to its effectiveness and ability to shape talented dancers. It encompasses a comprehensive range of dance styles, catering to students of all ages and levels, from Parent-Child through pre-professional classes. The impact on my own studio has been profound, allowing me the freedom to elevate my studio's status and financial potential without being tied to the classroom day in and day out.

Founding Dance Mastery Institute has been a dream come true for me, as it allows me to share my knowledge, expertise, and passion with dance instructors across the US and Canada. As a licensed DMI affiliate, you'll gain access to our proven curriculum, plug-and-play systems, and ongoing support, paving the way for a thriving studio with well-trained dancers.

I'm excited to welcome you to Dance Mastery Institute, where together, we'll transform your studio and make a lasting impact on your dancers and the dance community. Let's dance towards success!

With warm regards,

Loren LoMastro Specht

Founder, Dance Mastery Institute

My Story

Loren LoMastro Specht is an accomplished instructor, choreographer, and dance professional with over two decades of experience. She has worked extensively in Illinois and Indiana since 1997.

Loren holds an Associate IV Teaching Certificate from the Cecchetti Council of America and is a member of the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters. She is also a certified Rhythm Works Integrative Dance instructor and a graduate of the NFHS Coaches Education Program. Additionally, she completed the Teacher Training and Certification Program at the American Tap Dance Institute.

Throughout her career, Loren has performed at prestigious venues such as Dance Chicago, Disney's Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, and the Ela Festival of the Arts. She has danced in works by renowned choreographers, including Claire Bataille, Frank Chaves, Paula David, and Jeff Hancock.

Loren's coaching achievements include leading the Lake Forest H.S. Varsity Poms Dance Team to four consecutive State Championships and second place at UDA Nationals between 2001-08. She then showcased her choreography and coaching skills as she worked with the Loyola Academy Varsity Poms/Dance Team from 2008-18. She has also directed the Euphony Tap Ensemble and Prelude Dance Theatre, as well as choreographed for various Chicago area dance companies, CenterStage Theatre, and Lake Forest H.S.

Recognized for her choreography, Loren has received awards from the Chicago Dance Connection, Dupree Dance, and Universal Dance Association. She has also shared her expertise as a guest faculty member at the National Tap Ensemble's "Spirit of Tap" Conference.

As the director and founder of LoMastro Performing Arts Academy, Loren has created a nurturing environment for dancers. Additionally, she established the Virtuosity Dance Festival, providing a platform for dancers to showcase their talent.

Loren's contributions to the dance community extend beyond her teaching and choreography. She is an active member of the International Dance Entrepreneurs Association and Dance Studio Owners Association Inner Circle.

With her dedication to dance education, choreography, and community involvement, Loren LoMastro Specht is a respected figure in the industry, making a lasting impact on dancers and the dance community.

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