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Become a Licensed Affiliate of Dance Mastery Institute (DMI)

Welcome to our exclusive curriculum options, designed to propel your dance studio to new heights of success! At Dance Mastery Institute, we take immense pride in offering top-notch dance curricula that are adaptable to meet the needs of our esteemed licensed affiliates. Our commitment to excellence ensures that only our authorized partners gain access to these transformational programs, carefully crafted to provide a holistic and enriching dance education.

Unleash Your Studio's Potential

As a licensed affiliate of Dance Mastery Institute, you'll enjoy the advantage of utilizing our proven curriculum, gain recognition as a distinguished studio, and enjoy a world of benefits tailored to help your business thrive.

Choose Your Path to Success:

  1. Basic Affiliate Program - $299 for the First Year

    • Access to our renowned curriculum

    • Recognition as a licensed affiliate

    • Continuous support to enhance your studio's offerings

  2. Elite Affiliate Program - $1200 for the First Year

    • All the benefits of the Basic Program

    • Plus, exclusive 10-hours of 1:1 customized strategy sessions with our founder, Loren Specht

    • Personalized guidance to refine and grow your business

    • Leverage expert insights for strategic advantage

Annual Renewal:

  • Enjoy continued affiliation and benefits for only $240 annually.


Elevate your studio with Dance Mastery Institute. Choose the level that best fits your ambitions and join us in shaping the future of dance education.


Apply now and be part of a world where dance and business excellence meet.

Exclusive Curriculum for Licensed Affiliates


Dancing Tots

Starting at $99

Designed for children aged 18-36 months, this interactive program is perfect for parent-child classes or independent learning sessions for 2-3-year-olds. Our carefully crafted activities will help your young students build a strong foundation for their future dance pursuits. $99 per module. 

First Steps

Starting at $270

First Steps: Tailored for ages 3-6, this curriculum offers a well-rounded program that incorporates creative movement, ballet, jazz, and tap for preschool and kindergarten students. With dance concepts, props, coloring pages, and certificates seamlessly integrated, you'll be able to create a fun and engaging learning environment. A curriculum map ensures a structured and comprehensive experience for every child. 


Dance Foundations

Starting at $270

Dance Foundations: Our program for elementary school children aged 6-9 includes ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop. We provide engaging activities, props, progress cards, and printable materials that complement dance instruction, reinforcing important concepts. A curriculum map offers guidance and structure for your lesson planning.

Progressive & Honors Program

Starting at $180

Progressive Curriculum: For students, aged 8-18, we offer an extensive curriculum covering Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary dance, suitable for advanced beginners through pre-professionals. Our program incorporates dance concepts, vocabulary, terminology, and dance history to provide a holistic dance education. An optional Honors Program allows you to assess and showcase students' proficiency in each subject. The Honors Program is the perfect alternative to exams where the studio keeps all the profit.  Each subject is purchased separately and ranges from $180-350.


Your Chance to Propel Your Studio

Learn more about becoming a DMI Licensed Affiliate!


  • Personalized Consultation: Schedule a private one-on-one call to tailor DMI systems to suit your studio's unique needs and goals.

  • Licensed Affiliate Logo: Display the Licensed Affiliate logo to proudly showcase your status and enhance your studio's reputation.

  • Curriculum Access: Gain access to DMI's diverse and expertly designed curricula, including Dancing Tots, First Steps, Dance Foundations, and Progressive & Dance Honors (Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop). Prices range from $99 to $350.

  • Dance Honors Proficiency Assessments: Learn how to offer valuable Dance Honors Proficiency Assessments at your studio, creating a revenue stream and demonstrating your students' achievements.

  • Exclusive Offers and Discounts: Enjoy access to exclusive offers and discounts from our esteemed partners.

  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from private one-on-one calls for continuous support and guidance in growing your dance business.


Ready to Join Us?

If you're passionate about taking your studio to new heights and providing top-notch dance education, we invite you to fill out our application form. Each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis to ensure that our program is a perfect fit for your studio's vision.

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